There is a huge demand for apps for music download right now, for that very reason you can find numerous music downloader apps on various stores like play store, app store, Aptoide app store and many other like these and it would take you a long time, great patience and a lot of internet data to try every music downloader our there individually.

If you don’t have above mentioned things then we would advice you to go through the below provided list of free and best music downloader app for android, iOS and web browsers. In case you say that “I can try everyone of them”, well it’s your choice but still it would be a foolish decision, wouldn’t it be? If you wanna try then try out those which actually work. This will help you decide the best music download app among those so called music downloader.

What you’re going to get in this list?

We know everyone has different needs, some use android phones, some use iOS devices and there are some who want a music tool for computers/laptops. So we have done a deep research and found these amazing and mind boggling music downloader for android and iOS, now only this you’ll also get here free music downloader for web browsers as well.

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The list is going to be divided in two sections:

  • Music download apps for smartphones.
  • Music downloader tools for browsers.

Best Music Downloader Apps For Smartphones

It’s time to explore the first section which is dedicated to mobile phones, we will be listing here some useful apps that can solve your music downloading problems forever. Please note that every app is not available on official Google play store or apple app store but that doesn’t mean those are not worth, sometimes they are even better.

1.) Music Paradise Pro

paradise free mp3 music download

Like we said, not every music downloader app will be available on official app stores but still they might be better than those which are there on the stores. This one is the perfect example for that kind of app. This music app is highly trusted, reliable and is in the best working state.

Not every music download app is capable of finding music for all kinds of users but this has the capability of doing so. Why the chances are so good? It is dependent on 5 search engines and each one of them performs the search in a different manner, so chances for getting the song are quite high.

There are around 4 filters you can use to refine your search, either search by song name or you can also search by typing in album, movie or even artists name. This free music downloader does makes downloading the songs very easy.

2.) AudioMack

audiomack free music downloader

If you didn’t liked the previous music downloader and want something which is visually better then go for this. Like the previous one, it also finds songs easily but if we talk about UI and other features then this one if more attractive. If you are looking for random music which is trending or is new in the industry then this music downloader app makes it easy for you by giving out possible suggestion to download or listen within the app.

The song will not required the download if you want play it, it can play without downloading.

3.) SoundCloud

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Another big music brand name in the list of free music download apps. SoundCloud is among the top choices for many music lovers. If you are a listener then go ahead with your free downloading but if you are a music artist then this app and website can give you a huge boost in creating your music career.

You can also upload your songs to the website and make it available for the public to listen and share, this can build your fan following in the industry of music. You can estimate the popularity of app by the fact that it has been downloaded by over 50 million android users, keep in mind that it also has the web and iOS versions.

4.) Free MP3 Downloads

The name of this music downlader app clarifies it’s functioning. This is one of the cool and suitable song downloader app which deserves to get a try once. It may not serve the purpose of finding the accurate music but if you are bored with the same music in your mobile phone and want something new and unique then get this app.

You can access this music app in 7 languages, English, Russian, Brazilian to name a few.

5.) 4Shared

You may probably have heard of this name before, there is a high possibility that you may visited it even before. 4Shared is a big name in the field of file sharing platforms. We are listing it since people share music here also.

You would need to login to 4Shared but that should not be an issue since for android users it takes only a minute to sign via Google account.

6.) Wynk Music

For those who are concerned about Bollywood or Hindi music and songs, this is the only app in our list that can help you out. It is specially built for Bollywood music but it doesn’t mean you can’t get other languages songs here, of course you can. The library has great collection and you’re gonna love it. It’s also good Hollywood or English songs.

The only disadvantage of this music downloader app is once you uninstall the app, all of your songs are gone as it doesn’t download the songs to your local device storage.

7.) Copyleft MP3 Download

This music downloader app doesn’t host files on it’s server, it fetches the songs and music from other sources and gives you the downloadable file in a couple of seconds. Good for those who wanted a search engine for music. It’s easy to use, even a beginner can use it.

Along with that it comes with inbuilt music player that can give you music preview before you press the download button.

8.) MP3 Downloader by SuperCloud

Not that great music downloader but good enough to download English songs. The size of the app is only 1.75MB, so it’s a good app for those who are running out of phone memory.

9.) Rock My Run

Do you go to the gym? If yes then this might be the perfect music downloader app for you. No one listens to soft music while performing hard workout, the faster the song the more energetic you feel to lift weights. Even if the song is too slow but still you like it then you can use the BPM feature of the app which will allow you to change the speed of songs, increase of decrease it based on your choice.

Having said that, you can also search the suitable music according to your workout, if you are doing aerobics then you can music for that, if you are doing cardio then there is different music collection for that.

Free MP3 Music Download Tools For Browsers

Now it’s time for the second portion i.e music downloader tools which are available as websites and can be accessed via web browsers.

1.) MP3Juice

music downloaders

This is by far the best tool for downloading music on the go, the USP of this music downloader is that it reduces your efforts and saves a lot of time. How? Like some above mentioned apps it also doesn’t have it’s own database, the tool searches other popular music websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, Archive, Yandex which makes it super easy since you are exploring all the popular sites at once.

It’s your choice which website you would like the tool to explore and find music on. The more resources you select the more it will take but that more time is actually a couple of minutes only.

2.) MP3 Skull

music downloader free mp3


Last in our list of best free music downloader apps. This is just like a replica of mp3 juice, the original MP3skulls website was punished and banned due to some legal reasons, since then various websites on the same name but different TLD emerged, but out of all of them, this performs the best.

We hope you have got the best music downloader app for your android or iOS devices and the best free mp3 download tool for getting the songs on via web browsers. All of them are nice but which one suites depends on your requirements. Enjoy using these free music downloader apps.